I’m obsessed with helping baking business owners like you with your goals because I know what it means to have a baking business that works! Read more about my story and get in touch to say hello!

My Story

I started my baking business, Swish Biscuits from home after having a dream to do something that I really loved as my job. My big goal was to build my business to the point I could resign from my office job and at the end of 2019 I did just that!

It was a really up and down journey to get there; I had to learn a lot about marketing, social media, grow my confidence with pricing and putting myself out there, but it was all so worth it to have people seeking out my cookies because they loved what I did!

I came to realise that I really found a lot of fulfilment and purpose helping other baking business owners grow and succeed, especially passing on everything I had learned and been through to make it a lot more straight-forward. I added professional coaching to my skillset to be able to really help others grow their business in the best way I could. Success in business is not just having the right processes and strategies in place, but believing in yourself and knowing that you can do it! My aim is to support your mindset and to help you overcome limiting beliefs about yourself, about making money, being in business with competition and juggling work/life balance.

Through my group coaching program called the Bake A Better Business Society, I help business owners like you to grow your business from where you are now, to being booked out and confident, through monthly coaching calls and a range of training. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you however I can!



Shalini Nestor